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Notary Services

I offer a full range of Notarial services to individuals and businesses.

Services for individuals

A Notary Public can certify many types of documents including those listed below;

  • Drafting and attesting foreign Powers of Attorney
  • Witnessing/ certification of signatures to documents
  • Certifying a photograph as a true likeness
  • Swearing of Affidavits
  • Attesting Statutory Declarations
  • Consent for a child to travel
  • Consent for the issue of a child’s Passport
  • Change of Name Deeds and Declarations
  • Affidavits and Declarations required for immigration and emigration
  • Certification of copies of Passports
  • Certification of educational qualification certificates
  • Certification of public documents e.g. birth, marriage or death certificates
  • Fingerprint proofs for identification

Services for Businesses

  • Powers of Attorney
  • Witnessing/ certification of signature to documents
  • Swearing of Affidavits by a Company Director
  • Attestation of Statutory Declarations by a Company Director
  • Certification of copies of Passports of Directors or other officers
  • Authentication of agency documents, agreements and contracts
  • Verification of general information regarding a company
  • Certification and authentication of certificates/ documents issued by Companies House
  • Certification of company documents
  • Certification of due execution of documents
  • Legalisation/ apostille


Legalisation is the process whereby the signature and seal of a Notary Public are verified and confirmed by an independent authority. Many countries require legalisation also known as the apostille – a certificate of confirmation provided in the UK by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO). Some countries require their London Embassy to add its own certificate (with our without an apostille) which is then recognised and accepted in the receiving country. I am able to guide and assist you through the legalisation process if required. The FCO charge for their service, and the consular fees vary depending on the type of document legalised and the country involved.